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Modern Slavery Statement


Fresh Healthutrition is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through the provision of accurate and insightful information on CBD-related topics. As part of our commitment to ethical business practices, we are also devoted to combating modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms.

Our Business

Fresh Healthutrition operates as a digital content provider through our official website, As a blog focused on CBD, our business primarily involves creating and sharing informative content with our readers.

Our Commitment

We recognize the importance of addressing the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking within our operations and supply chains. We are committed to ensuring that our business and the businesses we engage with uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Policies and Practices

Fresh Healthutrition has implemented the following policies and practices to mitigate the risk of modern slavery within our organization:

Supplier Due Diligence

We conduct due diligence on our suppliers to assess their compliance with ethical standards, including measures to combat modern slavery.

Employee Awareness

Our employees are educated on the signs of modern slavery, and they are encouraged to report any concerns or suspicions through our confidential reporting channels.

Contractual Agreements

We require our suppliers and business partners to adhere to our ethical standards, including a commitment to combat modern slavery and human trafficking.

Continuous Monitoring

We regularly review and monitor our internal processes and supply chains to identify and address any potential risks of modern slavery.

Steps Taken in 2022

In the year 2022, Fresh Healthutrition has taken the following specific steps to combat modern slavery:

Future Commitments

Fresh Healthutrition is dedicated to ongoing efforts in the fight against modern slavery. In the coming years, we commit to:


Fresh Healthutrition is steadfast in its commitment to promoting ethical business practices and combating modern slavery. We will continue to take proactive measures to ensure that our operations and supply chains remain free from any form of exploitation or unethical labor practices.

Contact Information

For any inquiries related to this Modern Slavery Statement, please contact us at


This Modern Slavery Statement is subject to periodic review and may be updated without prior notice. Please refer to the latest version on for the most current information.

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